Our Belts are Metal Detector Friendly

  • Sought after by frequent fliers as well as attorneys and police officers...anyone with high-security jobs requiring frequent metal detector screening

  • 100% metal free; 100% carbon fiber

  • Metal free carbon fiber buckle is hand sewn onto leather strap, so there are no metallic snaps to set off security alarms

  • Ultra-professional in appearance, these custom-designed belts offer handcrafted leather straps and several choices of hook- or pin-style carbon fiber buckles

  • Carbon fiber is extremely lightweight and very durable, with unique high-tech look

Carbon Fiber Belts – The Perfect Travel Companion

Travel in cosmopolitan comfort with metal free, nickel free carbon fiber belts. No metal means airport security just got a little bit easier, without having to sacrifice your sophisticated style.

NoNickel’s Carbon Fiber Belts are handcrafted in the USA from a solid piece of real leather, then paired with non-metallic carbon fiber buckles. No metal means no nickel, so nickel allergic reactions are history. An added benefit is these carbon fiber buckles won’t trigger metal detectors when going through security checkpoints, making carbon fiber the perfect choice for any job where security screenings are part of everyday life.

Not only is being completely metal free a desirable plus, but also consider that these belts are designed for comfort. The leather straps are handcrafted for carefree wear, and with no nickel allergy or metal allergy rash, it’s easy to travel and work in relaxed style. Carbon fiber is renowned for its lightweight feel and durable strength.

The ultra-modern design is a key selling point. These belts are comfortable, nickel free, metal free, the ideal travel and work accessory, and they look amazing. The high-tech appearance of carbon fiber melds beautifully with the handcrafted leather straps, giving the wearer a refined edge.

Life is complicated enough, choose a belt that will make it just a bit easier and a lot more comfortable.