We fully understand the discomfort associated with a rash caused by nickel or metals.  We are here to help!

If you’re just learning about nickel allergy, here is a quick primer:

  • Nickel allergy is a very common form of dermatitis called allergic contact dermatitis or ACD.
  • Symptoms appear after contact with nickel and most often present as a red, itchy rash on the skin, but in more severe cases blisters, hives, cracks and fissures may also occur.
  • While piercing is often a major cause of nickel allergy, many men and women experience problems with a nickel reaction from their belt buckles.
  • Nickel salts penetrate the skin and cause sensitization; perspiration aids the transfer of those nickel salts to the skin so incidences of nickel reactions are more frequent in warmer months.
  • Sensitization to nickel can take a week, month, or even years to occur.
  • As a delayed Type IV allergy, the reaction may not occur until up to 48 hours after contact, making it difficult to determine the nickel source.
  • There is no cure for nickel allergy. Avoidance and education are key to maintaining a symptom-free life.

Carbon Fiber buckles are one of the many possibilities available to you in your quest to avoid nickel.  These buckles not only have a distinctly unique look, they are amazingly lightweight and durable!  Carbon fiber has been long used in aerospace, military, and athletic equipment because of the high strength to weight ratio.  These belts offer an exciting new look for nickel allergy sufferers making it  easy to combine style, comfort, and function! An added plus is that carbon fiber has zero metal content, so it is also ideal for anyone with multiple metal allergies, such as allergy to cobalt, zinc, or copper. The buckles are hand sewn to the strap, so no worries about any metal snaps. These are truly zero metal belts. No metal means no metal allergy!

Avoid Nickel Allergy Rash with a Carbon Fiber Buckle