Travel just got a little easier, as well as nickel rash free!

Our 100% carbon fiber buckles are completely metal free, which means no metal will be detected at airport or other security checkpoints.

The custom-made full or top grain leather belt straps will wear comfortably, carrying you through international flights, long layovers, and those unavoidable delays. 

No metal also means no metal allergy symptoms and no nickel allergy rash to slow you down as you navigate your busy itinerary. 



Parent company Athena Allergy, Inc. was established in 2003, with the mission to provide the nickel allergic community with trusted products that are guaranteed nickel free for life. Carbon fiber is a recent addition to the lineup of handcrafted nickel free belts.

Carbon Fiber Belts by NickelSmart™

Why Our Carbon Fiber Belts?

  • Our carbon fiber buckles are 100% carbon fiber, with zero metal
  • Carbon fiber has a distinct appearance with high-tech appeal, making it the ideal complement for our custom leather straps
  • Our carbon fiber belts are 100% metal free; the buckle is hand sewn to the strap. There are no metal snaps, closures, or ornamentation.
  • Non-metal carbon fiber belts make security checkpoints for work or travel 'beep free"
  • Our carbon fiber belts are handmade in the USA
  • ​Zero metal carbon fiber belts are ideal for those with nickel allergy or other metal allergy

​​Welcome to the world of nickel free belts! owners Michael and Lea Dow have established a business that is renowned worldwide for quality nickel free goods. Their addition of handcrafted belts with non-metal carbon fiber buckles responds to the needs of frequent travelers and numerous high security occupations. No metal makes maneuvering security checkpoints simpler, and makes metal allergy symptoms a thing of the past.