A Unique Way to Avoid A Stomach Rash

We fully understand the discomfort associated with nickel allergy and we are here to help. Our decades of experience with allergic contact dermatitis have allowed us to build product lines that are guaranteed safe to wear for anyone with nickel allergy. The addition of metal free, 100% carbon fiber buckles was a natural progression, benefiting those with multiple metal allergies as well as those who are interested in the benefits of metal free travel and work! Custom-designed styles fit into any workplace or travel destination!

Professional Metal Free Leather Belt

Whether navigating airport security or workplace checkpoints, we have professional-looking, metal free belts you need!

These handcrafted belts feature 100% carbon fiber buckles with genuine full grain leather straps.

Carbon fiber is completely metal free, the buckle is hand sewn to the strap so there are no metallic snaps or closures.

Zero metal belts will make those unavoidable security checks a little simpler.

The non-metal carbon fiber buckles come with a guarantee of no nickel or other metal allergy reaction.

Designed for Life on the Go

Carbon Fiber Belts Are In Demand

The cutting edge technology, the ultra-modern look, and the incredibly lightweight feel made carbon fiber a natural fit into the nickel free world of NoNickel.com.

Ideal for those with nickel or multiple metal allergies, 100% carbon fiber buckles contain zero metal.

Metal free professional belts are in high demand with occupations such as pilots, flight attendants, attorneys, judges, polices officers...anyone who regularly goes through metal screening.

For anyone who needs a custom -designed leather belt with zero metal, our carbon fiber belts are the perfect solution.